Baby's Best Friend: Goldendoodle Can't Get Enough of Newborn

Forget man’s best friend – a goldendoodle in Paducah, Kentucky, bonded with his owners’ infant son, with the results becoming a TikTok hit.

Justine Klope filmed the sweet videos of her and her husband’s dog, Opie, spending time with their baby boy, Case, and posted them to TikTok on June 25.

In the video compilation, which have been viewed over 1.7 million times at the time of writing, Opie nuzzles the sleeping infant, stands guard over his crib, and places a gentle paw on Case.

“Opie was a little unsure about him at first,” Klope said, “but he’s come around and gotten so much better with him.”

She added, “We don’t really consider him a pet, he’s more like a family member. Where we go, Opie goes with us. That’s why it was so important to us for him to love Case because it was basically like adding another sibling for Opie.” Credit: Justine Klope via Storyful

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