These Baby Yoda Ice Molds Will Make Your Cocktail Out of This World

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
·2-min read
Photo credit: Zoku
Photo credit: Zoku

From House Beautiful

There’s something wonderful about coming home from a long day of work and mixing up an adult beverage for yourself. That cocktail is automatically extra special with a large round or square piece of ice that makes you feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant. Now it’ll be even more special, because Baby Yoda ice molds exist to make your drink ready for an episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

The ice molds come in a set of two and each make a 2.25-inch diameter ice cube, so you’ll only need one to keep your drink — or maybe multiple drinks — cold. Once the water has frozen, you’ll pop the ice out of the silicone mold to reveal Grogu, aka The Child, in a hovering pram.

“These silicone molds from Zoki possess the power to create ice sculptures of the beloved Child. Just fill the molds with water or juice, then freeze. Add to your favorite drink and savor the presence of this slow-melting Mandalorian,” the description says.

The set of The Child Ice Molds are exclusively available at Williams Sonoma for $21.95. They launched at the end of last year, but seem to have stayed under the radar — which is good news for you, because they’re not sold out yet like the Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb that keeps going in and out of stock.

Now that you have the ideal ice molds in your cart, you’re going to need a stiff drink to use them with. Might we suggest these editor-vetted bourbons or sipping-worthy tequilas?

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