Baby sloth born in a hurry at London Zoo

Terry, the tiny two-toed sloth named after a longstanding zookeeper, was born to mother Marilyn on Sunday, October 24. Its sex is currently unknown.

The zoo said in a news release that the baby had “surprised zookeepers” with its hasty arrival for a species famed for taking its time.

“We looked in on her first thing and there was no baby - and no sign at all that she was labour. Less than an hour later I spotted something that looked like a tiny arm, tucked into Marilyn’s tummy; I called the rest of the team to confirm my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, and they arrived just in time to see her turn around in the tree and give us the perfect view of her healthy newborn,” London Zoo quoted sloth keeper Marcel McKinley as saying.

Mother and baby are said to be doing well.

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