Baby Moose Gets Severe Case of 'Zoomies' in Alaska Backyard

An energetic moose calf let off some steam at a backyard in suburban Anchorage, Alaska, on May 28.

Video by Eagle River resident Stacy Thorpe shows the baby moose zooming around her garden, as its mama watches on.

The calf is later joined by its calmer sibling, and the pair sniff around the grass before heading back toward the river bank.

The footage is compiled of two clips from Thorpe.

“The first video of the moose with the ‘zoomies’ was taken when the mama and one of the twins went over the bank of our house, toward the river to forage,” Thorpe told Storyful.

“I think the zooming twin was concerned her sibling had ‘disappeared’ from the yard. The second video is of that sibling, reappearing, to reunite with their twin,” she said. Credit: Stacy Thorpe via Storyful

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