Baby Monitor Captures Infant Refusing to Sleep and Climbing All Over His Mom

The mother of an infant in Las Vegas, Nevada, had her hands full during bedtime, her son opting to climb all over her instead of settling down to sleep.

Footage posted on Instagram on November 8 shows the energetic toddler doing his best to avoid some shuteye as his parents lie next to him.

“We removed his crib because he was hurting himself in it, banging his head on the rails,” Sumala Chuencharoenwong, the child’s mother, told Storyful.

“We decided to move him to a queen-sized bed with bed rails for toddlers and the best way to keep him comfortable is to co-sleep with him for a couple of hours and then we move to our own bed,” she added.

Alas, it seemed the company in bed failed to make the child heavy-eyed on this occasion. Credit: Sumala Chuencharoenwong via Storyful