Baby Mammoth Writes a Song on the Spot in New ‘Masked Singer’ Clip (Exclusive Video)

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While we still don’t know who is behind the Baby Mammoth costume on Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” we now know they can drop some bars.

In a clip from Wednesday’s new episode, exclusive to TheWrap, the contestant speaks with the judges after finishing a performance. While slightly out of breath, Baby Mammoth says, “I just wrote a song because I was so inspired by this show. And I’d like to sing it real fast.”

Naturally, everyone wants to hear the tune. That’s when the pink pre-historic creature starts chanting, “Baby Mammoth. Baby Mammoth. Baby Mammoth.”

It might be simple, but it sure is catchy. All of the judges, as well as the crowd, join in on the chant.

Host Nick Cannon then asks judge Robin Thicke to weigh in on the song.

“Robin, you’re a songwriter. Could that go all the way?” he asks.

“Oh yeah, all we need is a bridge,” Thicke replies.

Round 3 continues Wednesday night on “The Masked Singer” as the last batch of contestants, including Baby Mammoth, face off for a spot in the finals against Ringmaster and Firefly. Only time will tell if Team Good, Team Bad, or Team Cuddly will come out on top.

“The Masked Singer” airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch the clip above.

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