Baby Learns How to Say 'Mama' in Hilariously 'Demonic' Way

An Irish baby hilariously surprised his parents when he finally learned how to say “mama” in deep-voiced, “almost demonic” kind of way.

Footage captured by Maiken Woll Eide on May 2 shows her 16-month old Aiden James (or AJ) happily munching berries until she asks him if he can say “mama”.

His response is like no “mamma” we’ve ever heard – a hilarious growl that his mom told Storyful sounded “almost demonic”.

It’s all too much for dad Julian Brophy, who cracks up with laughter.

Eide said that little AJ has recently been very focused on babbling, including learning how to say “papa”. However, this milestone moment wasn’t exactly what she and her husband had imagined.

“We laughed so hard, and he’s still saying ‘mama’ like that,” Eide said. Credit: Maiken Woll Eide via Storyful