Baby groundhogs can't resist the camera at their burrow entrance

These groundhogs have just emerged from their burrows after a long winter nap. Their mother spent all of last summer grazing furiously to store up enough fat to get her through hibernation. Her pups were born in the burrow and they also needed her to supply the food in the form of milk. They nursed throughout the cold, winter months until the snow melted and the grass appeared. When it became warm enough, they all ventured out in the sunshine. These pups are seeing the world for the first time. They have just set eyes on the grass, the sky, and the world at their doorstep. They have also never seen an action camera before and they are very curious about this strange object at their den door. They sniff and poke at it in the most adorable fashion. Everything in the world is scary to creatures as small as these ones are and they constantly jump and run for their underground shelter. They are wisely skittish and will not venture far from the hole. A baby groundhog would be an easy meal for a hawk or a fox and they seem to understand this. With luck, they will learn quickly from their mother and they will also store up enough fat to get them through the winter. Nature is full of adorable and furry little creatures like these little bundles of fluff.