Baby groundhog happily discovers delicious apple slice treats

Baby groundhogs are so cute that they resemble small stuffed toys more than they do wild animals. These baby groundhogs had just emerged from their burrow to explore their surroundings and follow their mother on a quest for food. The babies will not venture far from the entrance to the burrow. They seem to be very aware that the world is a dangerous place for a chubby little creature such as themselves. Groundhogs of this size are vulnerable to hawks, foxes, coyotes and dogs. It would not be difficult for a large bird to carry one off if it strayed out into the open. But some kind person has been watching these beautiful little babies and they have placed a few apple slices in front of the hole. The babies still rely on their mother for milk, but they will also eat plants. They don't see apples very often but it doesn't take long for this one to catch on that the fruit is delicious. Even at such a young age, these groundhogs have enormous claws. They will need those to dig burrows of their own soon enough. Throughout the summer, they will eat as much as they can to store fat for their winter hibernation. They will dig burrows of their own and venture underground below the frost line. They will sleep for 4-5 months before they emerge, starving and eager to start eating again. This little fellow couldn't be cuter as he holds his treat and nibbles away happily.

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