Baby groundhog enjoys apple slices until hungry seagull scares him

Groundhogs are adorable creatures, especially when they are young. They emerge from the burrow in the spring and eagerly check out their surroundings. This one has been growing rapidly, nursing on milk from his mother throughout the winter. She feasted on grass and all sorts of plants as she stored as much fat as possible to get her through the cold, winter months. She would need enough fat stores to feed herself and also to supply her hungry babies with enough nutrition to last until the snow melts. As the mother and babies explore their surroundings and feast on grass again, the babies are finding everything new and unfamiliar. This one has found a few apple slices left at the opening to the den. He eagerly nibbles away on the sweet treats, but somebody else has his eye of the snack. A hungry seagull is cautiously making his way over to the opening to try to get a share. The two startle each other in a comically adorable manner.