Baby gophers adorably gather at the entrance to their burrow

Gopher babies are beautiful animals that are the epitome of cuteness when they are tiny. These are more accurately referred to as groundhogs, which is actually a different species in the rodent family. But the names groundhog and gopher are often used to describe either animal. They were made famous by the legends of Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie, two groundhogs who became known for their supposed ability to predict the weather as they came out of their burrows each spring. The legend claims that the groundhog will run back inside if he sees his shadow and the world will be subjected to six more weeks of winter. Caddyshack, a Hollywood classic with Bill Murray, also made these adorable animals more well known. These little balls of fur have been hiding for months as they nursed on milk and grew in their den. Spring has just arrived and the four little cuties have emerged for a peek at the world around them. They will nibble on grass, like their mother over the summer, putting on as much weight as they can. They will need to store up sufficient fat to carry them through the next winter. With their furry little faces and round bodies, these gophers are adorable to watch!