Baby equivalent of Grumpy Cat bring smiles to internet users

Sylvia Looi
Isabela Pereira de Jesus stared down at doctors moments after she was born via Caesarean section on February 13 at a Rio de Janeiro hospital in Brazil. ― Picture via Instagram/ isa_bravinha1

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 ― Photos showing a newborn baby girl staring down a doctor have brought smiles to internet users with comparisons drawn to  to American internet celebrity cat Tardar Sauce, nicknamed Grumpy Cat.

Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born via Caesarean section on February 13 at a Rio de Janeiro hospital in Brazil.

Instead of crying to show doctors that her lungs are working fine, Isabela offered an unimpressed frown.

The moment was captured by professional photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann, who was hired by Isabela's mother Daiane de Jesus Barbosa.

Kunstmann told Brazilian magazine Crescer that the obstetrician had asked Isabela to let out her first cry before proceeding to cut the umbilical cord.

“She opened her eyes wide but did not cry,' Kunstmann told Daily Mail Online.

“The doctor even had to say, 'cry, Isa!' She made that serious expression and only started crying after the umbilical cord was cut.”

Kunstmann later told Daily Mail that childbirth was a unique moment and deserves to be recorded.

He shared 10 photos that captured Isabela's first moments on his Facebook page including her eventual first cries.

On the page, internet users responded with much amusement.

Dawn Arnold wrote: “Put me back! It's not what I expected out here!” while Nicole Tomassi wrote: “How else should you feel when you're being evicted from the only home you've ever known?”

Alimatu Kanu wrote that Isabela looked like she was annoyed as she was enjoying being where she was.

“Cute. Great picture,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Isabela's mother Daiane said the photos showed how brave her daughter was.

“My baby was born courageous,” she told Brazilian news outlet G1.

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