Baby elephant stumbles and falls, screams for help to get back up

Finding baby animals on a safari in the African wild is always a special experience. During a recent safari in the Kruger National Park, I managed to capture this heartwarming moment between a baby elephant and its mother. It was early morning in the African bush. We headed out on our safari just before sunrise and it was not long before we came across a large breeding herd of elephants, slowly feeding alongside the road. The large breeding herd was made up of mostly female elephants that are all related. There were also many sub adults and baby elephants in the herd. To see the largest mammal on the planet in baby form is just adorable. We decided to switch off the vehicle and spend some time watching the herd and the many baby elephants. One particular baby elephant caught my attention and I focused my camera onto the little one, looking less than three weeks old. During their first three weeks of life, baby elephants are still very unstable on their feet. Keeping up with the herd while making their way over the rough and uneven terrain of the African bush is one of the many great challenges a baby elephant faces at the beginning of its life. The video shows how the month-old baby elephant suddenly stumbles over a small bush before falling flat on its side. The unexpected fall left the baby elephant looking totally confused with what just happened. The mother elephant was there immediately with her trunk to support her baby. The baby elephant was lying on top of the small bush and was struggling to get back up onto its feet. Like a true toddler, the baby elephant suddenly uttered two loud screams, throwing a quick little tantrum, looking for immediate attention and assistance. The mother elephant immediately responded by using her foot and her trunk to get her screaming baby back onto its feet. The baby elephant managed to stay on its feet, while still looking a little uneasy. The baby elephant proceeded to drink on its mother. It was not long before the whole herd of elephants disappeared into thicker bush. Everybody on the safari vehicle had a big smile on their faces and this sighting was by far the biggest highlight of the day. We were overwhelmed by the cuteness of this baby elephant and to see how caringly the mother elephant responded to her screaming baby.