Baby Elephant Plonks Down In The Mud, Struggles To Get Up

Baby elephants can be adorable and hilarious at the same time, like shown in this video. This adorable baby elephant decided to plonk itself face first into the mud before making the most hilarious attempts to get back onto its feet again. When you on safari and come across a large herd of elephants, it is a good time to stop in the distance and watch. You will almost always see the most interesting behaviour in any large breeding herd of elephants out in the wild. Breeding herds of elephants consists of females and their young. There is also a good chance that there will be a few baby elephants in such a herd which always make for entertaining viewing. We did just that when we came across a large breeding herd of elephants. We stopped in the distance under a shady tree with the elephants spread out in front of us. It was already hot during the late morning and some of the elephants enjoyed splashing themselves with mud and water at a small watering hole. There were a few baby elephants in the herd and one particular baby elephant caught our attention. The baby elephant was standing around at the edge of the mud wallow before it suddenly went straight down into the mud, face first. This baby elephant clearly decided that plonking itself down in the mud will be a lot quicker than spraying itself with the mud. The baby elephant looked really funny with the one side of its face resting in the mud and its backside up in the air. The baby elephant eventually went to lie down on its side, enjoying the cool mud on its body during the heat. Things then became hilarious when the baby elephant decided it was time to get back onto its feet. The baby elephant attempted to use momentum by lifting its body and kicking in the air, moving from side to side and up and down for a number of times. This adorable baby elephant’s attempts to get back up was hilarious to watch. Eventually the baby elephant gained enough momentum to get onto its knees. The baby elephant paused for a bit before finally getting back onto its feet, looking so cute and funny with the one side of its face and body plastered with mud. The baby elephant ran off to its mother and we left the herd with great joy, being overly entertained by the adorable baby elephant.