Baby elephant adorably mock charges safari vehicle

When a large elephant decides to charge a vehicle, it is always a really scary situation. When a baby elephant decides to mock charge a safari vehicle, it turns out to be one hilarious moment as shown in this video. Elephants can be intimidating during any safari due to their size and many a time there has been incidents where big bull elephants get physical with tourist vehicles, ending up rolling or trashing these vehicles like it is nothing for them. Keeping a safe distance from these giants is always a good idea. While on the other hand, the smaller elephants are, of course the funnier and more adorable they are. Just watching baby elephants going about learning from their parents and then applying their skills, is sometimes some of the funniest moments ever on a safari. This video shows just one of those hilarious moments spent with a baby elephant in the wild of the Kruger National Park. While on safari in the park, we stopped to watch a herd of elephants standing in the road some distance ahead of us. The road was blocked by elephants and we decided to sit there and watch these elephants until they decided to move on. It was a breeding herd and there were a good number of baby elephants in the herd. The herd eventually slowly started moving along the road while one particular baby elephant remained standing, swinging his trunk around, looking all cute. The next moment this little elephant lifted his head and ears in true ‘angry elephant’ style, charged towards the vehicle a few meters and stopped. This was a typical mini version of what a big elephant bull would do when angry with a vehicle. Then the funniest thing ever happened. The baby elephant hilariously lifted its front feet off the ground, standing on its hind legs before charging towards the vehicle again. The baby elephant stopped a few meters in front of the safari vehicle before turning around like lightning, running away like the wind. Everything happened so quickly and it was like the baby elephant went from extremely confident to really scared in seconds when it realised that the vehicle is still a little big. We couldn’t believe the incredibly funny behaviour we witnessed and how unexpectedly it all was after just sitting watching elephants standing in the road.