Baby Bat Only Has Eyes for Its Stuffed Bear Buddy

One of the tiny residents at a Queensland-based bat refuge found an adorable best friend in the form of a stuffed bear.

Footage shared to the Batzilla the Bat YouTube channel shows the animal, given the name Prancer, excitedly moving around on the bear.

The video was posted online by Denise Wade, from Rochedale South, who has been caring for injured baby bats for more than a decade.

Wade notes in the video’s caption that in her experience, “most baby bats spend the first few weeks of their life tucked up under their mother’s wing.”

She said it was “a little odd to have a baby who just wants to get out and about and not stay wrapped,” like Prancer.

Wade would usually use something she calls a “mumma roll” to replicate a mother bat’s body and wings. However, “Baby Prancer is very much an individual and he refuses to stay in his wrap so I have instead provided this nice fluffy teddy for him to cling to.”

“It pays to be flexible when raising baby animals as I am finding out with Prancer who much prefers adventure to slumber,” she added.

Wade regularly shares updates on the animals to her Batzilla the Bat YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful

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