Baboons Take Over Woman's Birthday Getaway Accommodation

A pair of baboons crashed a birthday trip and helped themselves to food and alcohol at a holiday villa in Knysna, South Africa, on Saturday, November 12.

Video recorded by Esethu Zoe Williams shows one of her friends shrieking behind a wall as a baboon popped open bags of chips. A seperate video shows one of the baboons walking away from a glass of alcohol near the villa’s pool.

Williams told Storyful she and her friends were on a holiday to celebrate her birthday and had been warned about the baboons potentially inviting themselves to the party.

“We had mistakenly left the door open while making breakfast when two baboons entered. They ate eggs, avocado and bread before proceeding to pop the snacks,” she said.

The group managed to get the baboons outside the home, where they continued to party.

“We eventually got them out by screaming and charging towards it. When they were outside, they drank the liquor that had been left there from the previous day,” Williams said. Credit: Esethu Zoe Williams via Storyful