Azmin's daughter says family in M'sia, not Turkey

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Azmin's daughter says family in M'sia, not Turkey
Azmin's daughter says family in M'sia, not Turkey

One of Azmin Ali’s children has clarified that his family did not follow the international trade and industry minister on an official trip to Turkey.

The senior minister courted backlash yesterday after he was given a guided tour of the Hagia Sophia, a tourist attraction in Istanbul known for its historical significance.

There was initially some confusion over whether Azmin had brought along his family for the tour.

Azmin’s daughter Farah Amira took to social media last night to clear the air over the family’s whereabouts.

“I don’t know how else to prove that we are in Malaysia,” she tweeted along with an image showing her and her five siblings in front of a television turned to local channel TV3.

She also posted the same photograph and caption on her Instagram story.

Not seen was Azmin’s spouse Shamsida Taharin.

The tour guide who had taken Azmin around the Hagia Sophia initially posted on Instagram he had taken the minister “and his family” around the site.

He later amended his post to remove any reference to the minister's family and amended it a second time to say he had mistaken Azmin's official delegation as his family.

The entire post was eventually deleted and can no longer be found on his Instagram account.

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