Awie wanted to make a Datuk Bahaman biopic prior to "Mat Kilau"

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4 Aug – Before the whole of Malaysia went mad with love for Syamsul Yusof's "Mat Kilau", rock star Awie shared that he had actually planned to produce an epic historical movie surrounding the Pahang warrior Datuk Bahaman.

Speaking about the past project, Awie shared that he actually had sent his paperwork for the proposed movie to the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), but unsure as to why the project did not come to fruition.

"I don't know why. Maybe it was not meant for me," he added.

Asked whether the success of "Mat Kilau" will motivate him to try again, the singer stated that he would rather look for a different idea instead.

"Everybody is talking about films with such genre, that some even said there will be one about Tok Janggut. It's okay, I'll find other projects," he added.

It is noted that Awie is making his directorial debut with the movie, "Rebel", which co-stars Ben Amir, MK K-Clique, Shiqin Kamal and Awie himself.

'Mat Kilau' has made RM90 million at the box office
'Mat Kilau' has made RM90 million at the box office

(Photo Source: my Metro, Syamsul Yusof Instagram)

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