How to Get Away with Murder boss shares finale deleted scene

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How to Get Away with Murder season 6 spoilers follow.

How to Get Away with Murder boss Pete Nowalk has treated fans to one final look at recently deceased character Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) in a deleted scene from the thriller's upcoming series finale.

Sharing the scene to Twitter, Nowalk wrote: "Deleted scene alert: We only had 43 minutes for our final, so here's @MattMcGorry in his final #HTGAWM scene. Thank you Matt for bringing heart, laughter and one-of-a-kind dance moves to all of us."

The 45-second scene features Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) being woken up by sounds in his kitchen and going to investigate, only to find Asher, who was sadly killed earlier in the season, digging around in his cupboards.

Photo credit: ABC

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"They faked your death?" he asks in surprise, to which Asher replies: "Crazy, I know." Asher then "finally" finds what he was looking for – a very heavy looking trophy. When Connor asks why he wants it, Asher's very spooky reply is "So I can kill you".

He then runs at Connor who shouts "Don't!" – and then Connor wakes up, discovering that it was just a nightmare.

Sadly the scene won't now be airing as part of the show's series finale (and even if it was, Asher would still be dead) but there were a lot of fans who were very excited that they got to see the scene anyway – and they were quick to start calling for more scrapped scenes to be released.

Nowalk revealed before the sixth and final season began airing that all the drama's loose ends would be tied up for fans, saying: "There's no more keeping plates spinning".

"We have to answer all the questions, and we're doing that very quickly in our writing process," he continued. "I hope the show moves really fast and keeps people on the edge of their seat and ultimately feels satisfying."

If that deleted scene is anything to go by, it looks like the final episode will definitely have fans gasping.

How to Get Away with Murder airs its series finale on Thursday (May 14) on ABC in the US.

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