Avaland Solidifies Its ESG Principles: International Mother Earth Day Pledge Highlights Supply Chain Greening Efforts

Avaland Solidifies Its ESG Principles: International Mother Earth Day  Pledge Highlights Supply Chain Greening Efforts
Avaland Solidifies Its ESG Principles: International Mother Earth Day Pledge Highlights Supply Chain Greening Efforts

Subang Jaya – Avaland reaffirmed its dedication to the case for sustainability by taking the lead in convening its supply chain partners to endorse their pledge at its “Collaborations for Sustainability” event yesterday, in conjunction with International Mother Earth Day 2024.

The participation of prominent partners like Duravit Asia Limited, Grohe Malaysia, Guocera, Panasonic Malaysia, Signature Cabinet, and Toshiba Elevator further strengthens the impact of this initiative. This proactive initiative underscores Avaland’s steadfast mission to solidify its commitment towards building environmentally sustainable homes, thereby contributing to both environmental preservation and the well-being of its residents.

In alignment with the annual International Mother Earth Day’s agenda of environmental awareness and action, Avaland endorses its latest efforts to reduce its ecological footprint and promote responsible practices across its supply chain. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient processes, Avaland remains committed to prioritizing environmental stewardship at every stage of its business operations.

“International Mother Earth Day provides us with a moment of reflection at Avaland, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles,” expressed Aw Sei Cheh, Chief Operating Officer of Avaland, during his welcome address at the partnership dedication event, emphasizing the nurturing aspect of the planet.

“Our efforts to green our supply chain, spanning from sourcing to implementing eco-certified and energy-efficient processes, underscore our resolute obligation to environmental responsibility. Embracing this global initiative, we warmly invite all stakeholders to join us in leading industrywide change and shaping a more sustainable future, which will be part of our footprint for generations to come,” he affirmed.

Partnerships with eco-conscious companies have significantly enhanced the sustainability of Avaland’s developments. These partnerships prioritize water and energy-saving technologies, utilize green materials, and promote clean air through eco-friendly practices.

This purposeful commitment from Avaland highlights the company’s leadership in driving positive environmental change within the real estate industry. The incorporation of numerous sustainable features in its latest luxury development projects, such as Aetas Damansara and Aetas Seputeh, has led to both developments earning the prestigious GreenRE Platinum certification, a distinction shared by only 71 projects in Malaysia.

Moreover, Avaland’s dedication to sustainable development shines through in its five other ongoing green projects, – Alira Subang Jaya, Alora Residences, Sanderling, Anja Residences & Signature Retail and Casa Embun – all of which hold notable GreenRE certificates.

This impressive feat underscores Avaland’s unwavering commitment to fostering environmental awareness. Avaland’s sustainability initiatives extend beyond its own operations to encompass its extensive network of suppliers and partners. By fostering collaboration and promoting best practices in environmental stewardship, the quick-evolving property developer aims to catalyse systemic change within the industry and inspire the broader community.

This includes preparing developments for eligible green financing and offering opportunities for the community to embrace sustainable principles. For more information on Avaland, please visit www.avaland.com.my www.avaland.com.my