Avalanche survivor tells his story

An avalanche survivor's story


"I was unable to move, I was just stuck like being in a slab of concrete. The only movement I could make was nodding slightly with my head from side to side to try to remove some snow around my face. I saw a slight glow filtering through the snow. And I said to myself "hey, I'm lucky I see this light" and this gave me some hope. I was actually very calm at that moment, I remained calm perhaps because I saw this glare and because I felt that I was unharmed."

Location: Monte Bondone, Italy

Fulvio Giovannini was caught in an avalanche

when alpine skiing in the Dolomites on December 14, 2019

He was buried under the snow for nearly an hour

Luckily, Fulvio was wearing a piece of equipment

that is able to locate people who are buried under snow

allowing rescuers to pull him to safety

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) AVALANCHE SURVIVOR, FULVIO GIOVANNINI, SAYING:"To tell the truth, the next day I went back to the site of the accident to have a good look at the avalanche front and to give myself some courage. It worked out for me. Given my great passion for the mountains, despite what happened, I always want to go back to them."