Automated iPhone Signal Alerts Rescuers to Man Trapped in Submerged Vehicle

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said an automated distress signal from a man’s iPhone helped rescuers locate him after his vehicle crashed and was submerged upside down in a canal near Indiantown on Wednesday, March 1.

Bodycam footage shows deputies prying a door open and helping to get the man safely from the vehicle.

According to the sheriff’s office, the impact of the crash prompted the man’s phone to send an SOS alert to dispatchers with coordinates.

“It’s technology you may not even realize you have, but this dramatic rescue should remind you of its importance,” the sheriff’s office said. Credit: Martin County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

- --you, buddy? OK, buddy, I got you. I'll figure a way in. Hey, you got air, right, buddy?


- OK, man. We're going to work on a way in.


- Here. I'm going to pop open. Hey, stay back from the window, buddy. I'm going to bust it. OK. I'm busting the window.

Hey, we need some [INAUDIBLE].

- [INAUDIBLE] fire rescue.

- Please help me. Please help [INAUDIBLE].

- No. You're fine, buddy. Hey, you're fine.

- You're good. Hey, just go [INAUDIBLE].

- 1, 2, 3. [INAUDIBLE]

- 10, 4 under the water [INAUDIBLE]. Hey, try the other side.

- Yeah, look the other side. Look-- I couldn't get that window to bust.

- Hey, buddy.

- Yeah, I don't know how [INAUDIBLE].