Are automakers about to win their battle with bird poop?

American manufacturer Ford is working intensively on automobile coatings that can overcome many different challenges, including corrosion caused by bird droppings, which is a real nuisance for motorists around the world.

Ford is conducting numerous laboratory experiments to ensure that the paint it uses on its automobiles can withstand all types of environmental threats. To this end, it exposes test panels to powerful ultraviolet light, and also to phosphoric acid mixed with detergent and synthetic pollen with the overall goal of simulating the full range of potential "attacks" faced by bodywork.

In a bid to combat the threat posed by birds, the manufacturer also tests its coatings with artificial "poop," which is as close to the real thing as possible. Ford has even developed several different kinds of poop solution to account for the varying levels of acidity and adhesiveness in droppings from different species and variation in birds' diets throughout the year.

With this research, Ford is hoping that it will one day be able to create a coating that is nearly indestructible. However, in the meantime, the best way to limit damage caused by bird droppings is to regularly wash your vehicle with a sponge and lukewarm water.

- Watch Ford's animates video on its paint research: