Autistic Irish Boy Gets a Puppy After Struggling With Coronavirus Lockdown

A nonverbal autistic boy was given a new puppy on May 1 after his parents noticed he was struggling to cope with the coronavirus lockdown in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. The video shows the four-year-old boy smiling after meeting his new pet.

Carl Morrison, four-year-old Hayden Morrison’s father, captured the video. He told Storyful he decided to get his son a golden retriever puppy to help him get through being on lockdown.

Hayden’s condition requires him to have a routine to follow, and his day-to-day activities were put on hold amid the COVID-19 guidelines.

“He was used to going to school every day, going to both sets of grandparents on set days,” said Carl. “He would go to the park or go swimming, so he got very frustrated being stuck in the house. He was having a lot of meltdowns. Since we have got the dog he has settled a lot better and has fewer meltdowns now.”

In the comment of the Twitter post, Carl said the meeting was very special because it’s difficult for the family to get Hayden to smile. Credit: Carl Morrison via Storyful