Author Ignacio del Valle, Director Rai García Prep Spanish Crime Series ‘Black Suns,’ a ‘Thrilling Journey to the Dark Side’

Styled after addicting and aesthetically apt crime dramas “Mindhunter” and “True Detective,” author Ignacio del Valle and writer-director Rai García (“Al salir de clase”) are readying an upcoming series, “Black Suns” (“Soles Negros”), based on the fourth installment of del Valle’s historical suspense oeuvre published in 2016.

His novel “The Time of Strange Emperors” was adapted for the big screen in Gerardo Herrero’s 2012 film “Silence in the Snow.” It starred Feroz award-winning actor Juan Diego Botto (“I Don’t Like Driving”) and Goya winner Carmelo Gómez (“The Method”).

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“Adapting my novel into a series is an exciting undertaking that ignites my creativity and makes me explore new paths to ensure that the adaptation is visual and dynamic,” de Valle told Variety.

Ignacio del Valle, Director Rai García
Ignacio del Valle, Director Rai García

“This can be a challenge as the two mediums are very different, what works in a novel may not work on a series, thus we need to condense the story and focus on the most important elements. I have to make sure that the series captures the essence of the book and stays true to its theme, characters and tone,” he added.

The episodic is set in Cáceres, 1947 and follows protagonist Captain Arturo Andrade as he leads the investigation into the brutal murder of a young girl amidst the scorching summer heat of rural Extremadura.

The Captain soon gets entangled in an onerous web as he realizes the case is unfolding to expose high crimes amongst the elite, the top of the food chain in Franco’s post-war regime. With ties to child trafficking, abuse and high corruption, del Valle warns, “It will be a disturbing journey through the dark side.”

He added, “The emotional climax has to be pulled off. The script has to be captivating and appealing so that it’ll easily hold the spectator’s attention, keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the series. We need to create  expectation and excitement through crucial characters, the hero, the villain and the victims, a touch of realism, suspense, introducing twists and turns, and keeping the rhythm and pace fast.”

With six chapters already completed, the historical thriller based on true events is set for completion later this year and will continue its campaign toward funding at the Conecta Fiction & Entertainment Market via the SGAE Foundation pitch sessions.

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