Austrian village tweaks its rude name

Locals in the tiny Austrian town of Fucking have had enough of outsiders sniggering and stealing their road signs, prompting the mayor of the municipality to announce a formal name change.

For years, the village has had to suffer at the hands of visitors taking photos and stealing anything with its name on, with English-language media gleefully reporting their frustration.

As of January 1st next year, Fucking, not far from Salzburg, will be known as Fugging.

Franz Meindl is the mayor of -- you know where….

"The immediate neighbour to the town sign whose house number sign was stolen countless times, but you need such a sign. So she had one made and just let them spell it with two 'G's and since then he has had his peace."

Shortly after news broke of the Fucking decision, the German mountain community of Wank released a statement to say it had no plans to follow in its footsteps.