Australia's PM wants Julian Assange released

STORY: Australia’s leader Anthony Albanese says he’s frustrated about the continued detention of Julian Assange the founder of whistleblowing platform Wikileaks who is also an Australian citizen by birth.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister spoke to broadcaster ABC in London.

"I am concerned about Mr. Assange's mental health. There was a court decision here in the United Kingdom that was in overturned on appeal that went to Mr. Assange's health as well and I am concerned for him.”

Assange is wanted in the States on criminal charges over the release of confidential U.S. military records and diplomatic cables through Wikileaks in 2010.

Washington says his actions put lives in danger.

The source of those files was former U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning.

But with Manning freed, Albanese said Australians were failing to understand the reasons for why Assange remained in prison.

“Enough is enough, this needs to be brought to a conclusion, it needs to be worked through. There is nothing to be served by his ongoing incarceration.”

Albanese did not confirm if he would raise the issue of Assange’s detention with President Biden during his visit to Sydney on May 24 for the Quad leaders' summit, but he said he would engage diplomatically with American authorities.

The Australian Prime Minister has been advocating for Assange’s release.

Julian Assange faces a sentence of up to 175 years in a maximum security prison if he is extradited to the U.S.

He spent seven years holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London after being offered refuge, until British police dragged him out in 2019.