Australia's NSW premier resigns over corruption case

The premier of Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, has resigned, over an investigation by a corruption watchdog about a possible "breach of public trust".

Gladys Berejiklian is being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption - or ICAC - over her secret relationship with state legislator from 2012-2018.

Maguire is currently the focus of a corruption investigation.

Her shock resignation comes as the state battles the biggest COVID-19 outbreak in the country, and is poised to begin ending months-long lockdowns and reopen international borders.

"My resignation as premier could not occur at a worse time, but the timing is completely outside of my control. As the ICAC has chosen to take this action during the most challenging weeks of the most challenging times in the state's history."

Berejiklian said she has always acted with the highest level of integrity, and that the issues being investigated were "historical matters," but added that she felt compelled to resign because of the long time frames likely to be involved in the investigation.

"Resigning at this time is against every instinct in my being and something which I do not want to do. I love my job and I love serving the community, but I have been given no option, following the statement that's been issued today."

Berejiklian will leave parliament as soon as a by-election can take place.

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