Australia's Morrison tells Queen she was 'quite the hit' at G7

Morrison, who attended the three-day meeting from Saturday (June 12) as an invitee of the G7 nations, said "everyone was talking" about the monarch after she met the leaders for dinner last Friday (June 11).

"They were thrilled to see you," Morrison said when he met the queen at her Windsor Castle residence.

Earlier on Tuesday, Britain and Australia announced a free trade deal, which the British government hailed as an important step in building new trade relationships following its departure from the European Union.

Britain is Australia's eighth-largest trading partner and Australia is Britain's 20th largest, with two-way trade worth A$26.9 billion (14.7 billion pounds / U.S.$20.7 billion).

Prior to Britain joining the then European common market in 1973, Britain was Australia's most lucrative trading market.

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