Australia's flying pastor bringing holiday cheer

Location: Broken Hill, Australia

This flying pastor is on a mission to deliver some holiday cheer

David Shrimpton's congregation is scattered over 87,000 square miles

He serves some of Australia's most isolated communities

Name: David Shrimpton, Pastor

"It will be great to be able to go out again and reconnect with these folk, reconnect with the kids and be part of their school life once again. Reconnect with families, with the adults that are living remotely and see them and yeah, touch base. Yeah, let them know that they're still not forgotten, yeah, and I'm still around."

It's a loose network of one-pub towns and cattle stations

The community has suffered five years of drought

Name: Josh Sheard, Former pub owner

"A lot of these blokes out here they, you know, (are) big and tough, (but) they have a soft side and the drought buckled a few, and to be able to talk to Dave was really good for them because if they go to the neighbour and say 'you know, 20 sheep died in the paddock, we've got no food' you know, it's not good for them, you know, to open up to neighbour because they don't like telling each other what they're doing, they only like telling each other what they're doing when they're making money."

Name: Sara Carey, Manager of Netley Station

"He's just unique that he can actually, you know, he can drive out of here after being here for an hour and you think 'Oh, that was really nice, you know, the flying Padre was here."

Shrimpton has been a flying pastor for nearly 20 years

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