Australian Zoo Warns of Deadly Funnel Web Spider Plague in Sydney Amid Record Floods

Warm days following the widespread flooding in eastern Australia were expected to lead to a plague of deadly funnel-web spiders in the Greater Sydney region, a local zoo warned on March 23.

Torrential rain brought severe flooding to the Mid North Coast and Western Sydney areas of New South Wales. According to Australian Reptile Park, this created ideal conditions for the spiders to be found as they moved from flooded habitats seeking drier areas.

“We’re already seeing increased movements from funnel-web spiders. The upcoming warm weather and high levels of humidity is the perfect storm for a funnel-web spider boom in coming days,” the zoo’s director Tim Faulker said.

Funnel-web spiders carry a potentially lethal venom and are regarded as one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful