Australian Woman Gets a Fright When Crocodile Lunges at Boat

An Australian woman shrieked in shock when a crocodile lunged at her boat near Darwin, in the Northern Territory.

This footage, filmed by Rhiana Newberry on December 11, shows the large reptile leaping towards her while Newberry and her partner were on a boat, fishing.

Newberry told Storyful that "the fish weren’t really biting but while we were casting we felt a couple of bumps to the boat… Finally I got a bite and attempted to reel in the fish but lost it before it got to the boat. After this I noticed small bubbles in the water next to us and the croc surfaced.

“This is when I started videoing the croc not expecting it to launch out at me so quickly” she added. “I definitely thought I would have dropped my phone in the water but once I regathered myself after the massive fright I looked down noticing I captured the whole thing on video. What a close call!”. Credit: Rhiana Newberry via Storyful

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