Australian tradeswoman wants political change

STORY: After 40 years in the business, Stuart says that like the political sphere, she still sees women deal with challenges men don't.

"I mean there's still a lot of sexism... hard work for females because we always got to prove ourselves. Every day we come to work and have to prove yourself. If it was a male they don't have to prove themselves," Stuart told Reuters.

The treatment of women in the workforce has become a political issue. The government was damaged after allegations in 2021 of a rape in parliament house, fed by criticism of how senior government lawmakers handled the complaint.

Spurred by public anger, Prime Minister Scott Morrison commissioned a report into the workplace culture of parliament house, which found one in three of those working there had experienced sexual harassment.

Polls show Morrison still struggles to appeal to female voters leading into the upcoming general election, with Stuart saying the government is not creating strong enough change.

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