Australian police arrest 14 on child abuse charges

Fourteen men in Australia including a former childcare worker were charged with producing and sharing child-abuse material online, authorities said on Wednesday (November 11).

A major bust, exposing a global online network that reached from Europe, to Asia, the U.S., Canada and New Zealand.

Australian federal police assistant commissioner, Justine Gough:

"A hundred and forty-six matters have been referred to Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand about possible offending in those countries. Eighteen matters have been referred to the United States with three men arrested in the United States for multiple child abuse material offences."

The men were arrested across multiple Austalian states with over 800 charges ranging from producing child abuse material to bestiality relating to four animals.

These are the latest arrests following the bust of the online paedophile ring in recent weeks when Australian authorities charged 44 men with possessing and producing child-abuse material.

It involved a year long investigation in cooperation with the U.S Homeland Security.

Adam Parks is the U.S Homeland security investigations attaché to Australia:

"I think the referral numbers speak for themselves that this is a network, so it's a global network. Although rooted in Australia, it includes a network in the United States as well and really globally, so therefore we're responding in a global manner."

The investigation helped identify 46 Australian victims, including 16 children from a single childcare center.

The police said the victims were aged between 16 months and 15 years.

They have not ruled out further arrests.