Australian media company strikes deal with Google

Australia’s Seven West Media has struck a licensing deal with Google on Monday, the country’s first major news outlet to do so.

Seven West, which owns a television network and a prolific city newspaper in Australia, said it would supply content for Google's News Showcase platform.

Although, it did not disclose details of the agreement.

Company Chairman Kerry Stokes said in a statement, "The negotiations with Google recognize the value of quality and original journalism throughout the country and, in particular, in regional areas.”

The agreement comes ahead of a landmark decision this week that could mandate Google and Facebook to pay media companies for their content.

Under a newly discussed law, the government would set Google’s content fees, but only if companies fail to reach their own private deal.

If passed, which appears likely with bipartisan support, Australia would become the first country to require tech giants to pay for their news content.

Google and Facebook have previously pressed the country to soften the bill, calling it "unworkable," and have been holding high-level talks with the government.

Hours before Monday's deal was announced, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told local media that he still plans to propose the laws, which he believes will “transform the domestic media landscape.”