Australian firms consider a post-Google life

A legal tussle with Australia has left Google threatening to pull out of the country.

And that's prompting companies to think about how to reshape their business models to cope with a potential post-Google life.

For years, students have found their way to one of Australia's most popular drone schools, Droneit, by simply doing a Google search.

It gets around 90% of its traffic from Google searches.

But Australia is making legislation for new laws that would force Google to negotiate payments to domestic media outlets whose content links drive traffic to their platforms.

Google has called the proposed laws 'unworkable', and says it could withdraw its search engine as a result.

Droneit Group Digital Campaign Manager Viktor Nikolov is confident the business would survive:

"We'll need to pivot our marketing strategy and our website strategy. I think, you know, there's a lot of variables there, but we'd obviously move a lot of our focus onto Bing. We'd also move a lot of our focus onto social media, but I'm confident that if Google search was to leave Australia that we would be able to survive."

Google and Facebook have in recent days lobbied Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

But he said on Monday (February 1) Microsoft was ready to step in and expand its search product Bing in Australia, if Google pulls its search engine.

Bing would have big shoes to fill, however, with Google currently accounting for 94% of the country's online searches.