Australian father and son team up to rebuild broken slider bike and turn it into a cool boat

The Huffy green slider is a very popular slider bike for children in Australia.

On smooth surfaces like concrete, it is very easy and fun to slide the rear of the bike out. Samuel is first seen enjoying riding the bike. His older (and heavier) sister Mikalah then had a go and unfortunately, when she hit the edge of the driveway she damaged the frame at the back of the bike and the wheels almost broke off.

Dad Jacob Strickling, upon inspection of the broken bike, had a brainwave to turn the bike into a boat.

Samuel and his dad then proceeded to build the boat together. First Samuel removed the parts not required for the boat, such as the front brakes and rear wheels.

They then joined two long stormwater pipes side by side with pieces of wood. Jacob helped Samuel with measuring and cutting. Samuel was able to pre-drill and screw the bits of wood in himself.

After spray painting the pipes green, the boys then fixed the bike to the pipes with screws. A green foam surfboard was installed at the back of the boat for extra flotation. Finally, the electric outboard was installed and the steering mechanism was attached. A small car battery was added to provide the necessary power.

The Green Machine Boat was then brought down to the local lake and tested. It went better than expected! The boat was quite fast, stable and easy to manoeuvre. Samuel had a lot of fun driving it on the water.

To make it go even faster the boys are going to add small paddles to the front wheel in order to turn it into a paddlewheel type boat as well.

Jacob is a YouTuber with channel 'Make Science Fun' and is currently homeschooling his two youngest children with his wife.