Australian Beachgoers Help Fisherman Return Reeled-In Shark to Sea

A large shark that was accidentally reeled in by a fisherman at a beach in suburban Perth, Australia, on January 4 was helped back into the ocean by a bevy of beachgoers, eyewitness video shows.

Footage taken by Stefan Short shows the 2.5-meter (about 8-foot) shark after it has been caught on a fishing line at Quinns Beach. People are seen grappling with the creature as they try to unhook the line from its mouth.

Speaking to Storyful, Short said that he was ‘truly amazed at the girth of this beast’ and quickly ran closer to get a better look and film the scene.

Short said that after struggling for several minutes, the fisherman and other beachgoers guided the shark back into the surf and watched it swim away.

“I’m sure I’ll be back in the ocean swimming soon, but not at sunset. That’s feeding time,” Short said. Credit: Stefan Short via Storyful

Video transcript