Australia 'unable to help all Afghans who helped its military'

Australia said on Monday (August 16) it would send 250 military personnel to Kabul to evacuate it citizens and an unspecified number of Afghans who had been given visas after working with Canberra.

While evacuation flights restarted on Tuesday (August 17), Morrison said Australia would probably not be able to assist all those in Afghanistan who are eligible for Canberra's assistance.

Morrison's admission will fuel criticism of his government following weeks of calls by former military personnel that a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave Afghans who worked with Australia in danger.

Australia was part of a NATO-led international force that battled the Taliban and trained Afghan security forces in the years after the militants were ousted in 2001. More than 39,000 Australian military personnel served in Afghanistan and 41 of them were killed there.

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