Australia to spend $1.3 bln on childcare

Australia's government will provide more assistance for childcare, officials said on Sunday.

The pre-budget announcement pledges over $1.3 billion U.S. dollars to boost women's participation in the workplace.

It comes as anger mounts against Prime Minister Scott Morrison over allegations of sexual abuse, discrimination and misconduct in parliament.

The spending targets families with more than one child up to the age of five in daycare.

Subsidies would go up to 95 percent for second and subsequent children.

Australia's Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told reporters, "Today's measures are targeted, and they are an investment in making our economy stronger and boosting female working participation."

Australia's government has struggled to ease public tension over claims of sexual abuse in Canberra.

In a separate move to regain voter support, Morrison promoted a record seven female lawmakers to Cabinet in March.

And yet, recent polls show his approval ratings have sunk.

Morrison's government is due to announce its annual budget next week.