Australia sends in army to battle virus spike

A spike in new coronavirus cases on Thursday (June 25) in Australia’s second most populous state has seen authorities launch a testing blitz in an attempt to gain control.

Thirty-three new cases were recorded in Victoria over the past 24 hours, marking nine days of double-digit new cases in the state and the biggest daily rise in two months.

Victoria now has around 200 current cases out of a country total of 270.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison remains optimistic about the response effort.

"We can respond to these outbreaks, we can deal with it. We are dealing with the coronavirus, the COVID-19 better than almost any country in the world, and that's got to give us confidence to be able to move ahead in this sector.”

Victoria state premier, Daniel Andrews, said about 100,000 tests will be conducted over the next 10 days.

“We have ambulances and other vans that will literally be at the end of people's streets. So they will be invited to get a test and they will only have to travel 50 or 100 metres”

The efforts to contain the virus will be supplemented by about 1,000 Australian military personnel who are expected to arrive on Friday (June 26).