Australia, UK, and US Announce New Trilateral Security Partnership

Australia, the United States, and the UK have announced a new trilateral security partnership, known as AUKUS, in a joint media conference released on the night of September 15.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was joined virtually by US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make the announcement.

Morrison began the conference saying, “Today we join our nations in the next generation partnership, built on a strong foundation of proven trust.” He continued, “The first major initiative of AUKUS will be to deliver a nuclear-powered submarine fleet for Australia.”

Johnson then said in the video that the three countries would be working “hand-in-glove to preserve security and stability in the Indo-Pacific.”

Biden continued, “This is about investing in our greatest source of strength – our alliances, and updating them to better meet the threats of today and tomorrow.” Credit: @10DowningStreet via Storyful

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