Aussie Snake Catcher Removes 4 Pythons From Single Deck During Breeding Season

A snake catcher in Queensland is already gearing up for snake mating season — which begins around October — posting footage to Facebook on May 9 of hectic calls from last year and saying that the season will be back around “before you know it.”

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 in Australia posted footage from a previous breeding season, showing a household in Buderim that had four carpet pythons on their deck in the space of two or three days.

“During the breeding season, we regularly get called out for multiple snakes at one home,” McKenzie said in the post.

“This particular place in Buderim had four carpet pythons on their back deck over a two- or three-day period, and six snakes in total over a two-week period. Crazy,” he wrote. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: All right, we're just here at a home in Buderim, and a pretty awesome scene is about to happen. We've got two carpet pythons. It looks like we've got a male and a female. They're on the top of the deck and it looks like they're about to mate.

- Go on, it's coming back.

STUART MCKENZIE: It's playing hard to get, I think. We were here earlier in the day here in Buderim. I've been to this house a couple of times. They have some lovely rainforests, as you can see in the background. But we had two snakes up on this bench and it was a male and a female. And I'd say this is about four hours later, but this is another male thinking he can get a bit lucky with the female. But unfortunately, buddy, they're already gone. So he's very active on the search.

He knows that there's been a female here. But unfortunately, she's been shipped off with another bloke. Sorry, my friend, we're going to have to get you out of here. Here we go. All right. Time for you to go in the beg.

And poor Dan, he's got another snake. Apparently this one's an absolute whopper. So we're going to head in now and see what's going on.


- Oh.


- Definitely

- Oh. Holy duly.

STUART MCKENZIE: Where is the male?

- Hey, he's huge.

STUART MCKENZIE: Holy duly. I'll grab that.

- One, now, one help he's fishing.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, tell him to get off my Christmas tree in the basement.

- Oh, it was.

- Do you know what amazed me before?

- Yeah.

- He was on the side of that, on the very edge of that table.

STUART MCKENZIE: This is a bola.

- And he was just like not on the barriers like that. And he was right down. And he just stayed there. Like he didn't fall off or anything. I said to Dan like a muscle must be in that thing. He's just unbelievable.

Yeah, how do we get rid of these female snakes?

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, it's what-- OK, it must be a big male. Like this is one of the biggest snakes I've ever seen in Buderim. Especially biggest, like maybe not the longest. But it's pretty big.

What's your temperament, in the wild?

- Whoa, we--

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh, go hit the chair.

- Now you got it, hand to handshake.

- Oh.

- Can you tell me how things go.

STUART MCKENZIE: Need to try. Have a go. The size of this thing, huh. No biting, please. No biting. Get back. That there, well, I think it's the Buderim Base from months ago, which we couldn't find. But it's certainly a whopper.

All right let's get this big Buderim whopper off the deck and back into the bush where he belongs.

Good boy. Oh yes.


Look at that. What a snake.

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