Aussie Community Comes Together to Rescue Dog Stuck in Crevice for 2 Days

Local volunteers in Australia’s Central Coast region came together after several Facebook posts asked for help to rescue a dog trapped in a crevice in Wyong Creek on January 16.

Video recorded by Jake Cassar captures the moment when Jax, a Staffordshire terrier, was rescued after being stuck in a cave for two days.

The owners of the dog had asked for help from several Facebook groups, requesting for jackhammers and suggestions to free their dog. The posts were shared over a thousand times, which led to many members in the community offering their help.

After Jax was rescued, a message from his owner thanking the community was posted to Facebook by NSW Central Coast Incident Alerts, News & Information. Credit: Jake Cassar via Storyful

Video transcript


- Got him.

- Got him.

- Put that on [INAUDIBLE].


- Come on.

- It's all right. Come on.


- Good boy.


- There you go. Why didn't he come out earlier?

- He's happy. He's wagging his tail.

- Hey.

- Hey. He's probably just really tired. Come on. Come on. Up we go.

- Jacks.

- He's tired.

- Could have been enough for him to jump off another ledge.

- It did scare him.

- That was so close.

- And he's come back from the under hole. And he got in there.

- Don't let him off that leash.

- How about some water?

- Wow, what a sight that was.


- What the hell?

- Yeah.

- Didn't come running at you, did he?

- Yeah.

- He just crawled out like--


- It's like a big shark underwater.

- What the hell?

- Well done, guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- Hip hip hooray!


- Where's your [INAUDIBLE]?


- No, he's back at the house.

- Did you [INAUDIBLE]?

- No, I'll ring you.

- Look. [INAUDIBLE]. Look. I know you [INAUDIBLE].

- It's a bit overwhelming.

- Yeah, I'm ringing.

- You want to cuddle.

- Thank you, everyone. Thank you, mate.