Auroras glow over Northern skies

A timelapse video showed a stunning display of Aurora Borealis lighting up the starry skies over Alaska's Glacier Bay from Sunday (October 31) night to the early hours of Monday (November 1).

The Northern lights illuminated the skies over a lighthouse in South Walls, Scotland on Saturday (October 30).

A time-lapse video shared on social media showed the stunning Aurora Borealis display lightning up the skies over the Cantick Head Lighthouse.

A huge solar flare on Thursday (October 28) unleashed the green sparkling waves of the Aurora Borealis onto the skies above Iceland - just in time for Halloween.

The effects of the flare reached Earth on Saturday (October 30) night, making the "Northern Lights" visible and brighter at lower latitudes, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

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