'Aurora From My Window': Calgary Timelapse Mixes Northern Lights and Plane Light Trails

Calgary-based photographer Siv Heang Tav captured timelapse footage of the Northern Lights on May 30 from the comfort of her own home.

The “astrophotographer by night,” as she describes herself on her Instagram account, often posts dazzling aurora shots taken in countryside locations.

On this occasion, she also “planned to go out to shoot aurora shots on the morning of May 30,” however, the “test shot” she got from her bedroom window – taken between 1.30 am and 3.30 am — turned out to be spectacular in its own right.

“I saw a faint glow, so I left this camera shooting a timelapse facing north from my bedroom window,” she said.

Shooting with a Nikon D500, and a Rokinon 24mm lens, the footage includes a number of trails created by aircraft and helicopters arriving at and departing from nearby small airfields as well as Calgary International Airport. Credit: Siv Heang Tav via Storyful