Audio cocktail: Recreating the sound of your favorite bar

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The "I Miss My Bar" website lets nostalgic barflies recreate the ambiance of their favorite watering holes using various audio channels.

It goes without saying that bars are usually pretty noisy places. Many people have found themselves missing this lively hubbub since bars and restaurants have been forced to close due to the pandemic. Now, a new platform called "I Miss My Bar" lets users create audio ambiances to submerge themselves in the sound of their favorite watering holes.

"I Miss My Bar" lets nostalgic barflies have fun playing with seven audio channels to recreate the indoor ambiance of a bar, from the metallic clink of a vigorously actioned cocktail shaker and the hum of conversations between colleagues, friends or mere acquaintances as they enjoy a drink, to the tapping of the rain on the bar windows or the tooting horns of taxis as they ferry revelers home in the early hours.

Listeners can adjust the volume of the different audio tracks to recreate at will the exhilarating buzz of a packed city-center pub or the hushed conversations of the most secretive speakeasies. A playlist has also been designed specially for "I Miss My Bar" to perfect the experience. Tracks by Jorja Smith, Billy Ocean and D'Angelo play alongside music from The Gene Dudley Group and The Black and Blues.

From bar noise to office ambiance

This platform was created by the team at Maverick, a bar in Monterrey, Mexico, which has been closed for many months due to the pandemic, although it still serves customers with take-away drinks, Bloomberg reports. "A lot of people are saying that they hate drinking alone, and this helps them feel like they're not drinking alone," René Cárdenas, one of the bar's partners, told the American media organization.

Maverick isn't the only establishment offering audio ambiances to recreate the soundtrack of the pre-covid world. Last spring, the Kids Creative agency launched "I Miss the Office," giving employees working from home the chance to recreate the noisy day-to-day world of a company office. Users can even choose the number of co-workers "present" in this virtual workspace, reproducing with greater accuracy the kind of office din that many once hated.