Auction offers historical lots from space and back

STORY: Rare items from some of history’s defining

moments are on the auction block

Including this letter from U.S. President

Franklin D. Roosevelt to Amelia Earhart

an Apollo 11 flown American flag

and working manuscripts from

Mozart and Beethoven


''We have 500 years of human innovation in this catalogue. We start with a Gutenberg Bible leaf. So 1452 about, all the way up to material that went to the moon on Apollo 11 and every, so many significant human achievements in terms of literature, science, general history, American history."

One of the top items is a

logbook from the Enola Gay

the plane that dropped the first

nuclear bomb on Hiroshima

It has a bid of $400,000

“This particular lot really gave me pause. It is incredibly significant. I mean, words can't describe what you feel when you hold this thing.”

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