Aubrey Plaza confuses fans as she appears annoyed on SAG Awards stage

(Getty Images)

Aubrey Plaza fans have been left confused by a moment in which the White Lotus star appeared to be annoyed while onstage.

During Sunday (28 February) night’s ceremony, the 38-year-old actor and her White Lotus castmates took the stage to accept the award for Best Drama Series Ensemble. Find the full list of 2023 SAG Awards winners here.

As her co-star F Murray Abraham was wrapping up his acceptance speech, he sent out a prayer to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey and a prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia. He then ended his speech shouting: “Union forever!”

While the rest of the cast applauded and cheered him on, Plaza could be seen looking around before mouthing something with a seemingly annoyed look on her face.

Fans have since shared the moment across social media, with Twitter users speculating what she was saying, and what she might have been irritated by.

“Why is Aubrey Plaza acting weird at the SAG Awards?” one questioned.

A second asked: “Did anyone notice Aubrey Plaza? She seemed REALLY pissed off... there was something real odd about her onstage with The White Lotus team. She even exited the stage quick and alone rather than staying with the cast.”

“Congrats to White Lotus for winning SAG Award for Best Series Ensemble,” a third praised, adding: “Not sure what Aubrey Plaza was on but it was clear she was trying not to be seen.”

Some guessed that she had mouthed “Jesus Christ”. Another interpreted it as “S***’s f***ed”.

Others noticed that Plaza had adjusted the strap of her dress after one of her co-stars whispered in her ear. Several wondered if she was reacting in response to a possible wadrobe malfuction or if it was related to Murray Abraham’s speech.

One defended her, commenting: “People talking about Aubrey Plaza’s behaviour at the SAG Awards clearly do not know her.”

The Independent has contacted Plaza’s representative for comment.

The Parks and Recreation star is well-known for her quirky public persona. In a 2021 interview with The Independent, Plaza addressed her “weirdness”, saying: “I’m literally just trying to be normal. But I can’t do it.”

Earlier in the night, Plaza teamed up with Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega to present the award for Best Male Actor in a Limited Series.

Before announcing the nominees, the two mocked their similarities in brilliantly deadpan fashion, quipping: “We have nothing in common.”